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The technology has entirely changed the whole world. It is now involved in everything with the advancement of computer knowledge and software. Hawk logix presents school management system that is perfectly tailored as per schooling requirements and necessities, making the educational system more systematic and beneficial for the student.

We are supplying it to the American schools and made the software as per their detailing. Here is an exciting offer for all those having 1 year of subscription. It’s a golden chance to win iPad free. Yes is totally free without any single cost. Hawk logix always care for the clients and that’s why bring such best touching and award winning offers to contribute some extra value to our services.

Win Ipad
ipad win

An iPad is not the only surprise that you can expect. There are lot of more benefits that you surely enjoy as we are providing customers with valued services.  Our company make sure to clients bring such exciting and thrilling offers that are circling around the year. You are only requested to subscribe for the year and awards as well as surprise gifts are waiting for you ranging from iPad to other such valuable gifts.

Hawk logix school management system itself a perfect choice either for the universities or for primary education system. It includes all the features required to accomplish all the routine matters. We have exactly coded according to the American standard with respect to features and other functions.

We are always with the clients introducing something for them. For this time Hawk logix has been serving with iPad offer and our award winning services will surely win your heart.  So hurry up! Don’t miss out the chance and this offer is open for all customers.

Our Features

Looking for quality services that can meet your goals and objects beyond the expectations. You’re at right place. We offer services in the following domains

Student Portal

Student Portal System is a step towards modern education

Hawk logix proudly presents its School management system, efficient enough

Teacher Portal

Manage routine activities through teacher portal

Teachers have a lot of daily routine tasks to perform from various arrangements for class lessons.

Parent Access
Parent Access

One to one discussion with teacher through parent access portal

Parents are more concerned about the education of children. Our hawk logix is

Student Attendance

Attendance Portal is a valuable addition in School management system

Hawk Logix proudly offers a School management system, capable to record each


Our School Management System offers Fantastic feature of Grade Book

Graded Assessments are very important as they worth student’s profile history. An intelligent

Report Cards
Report Card

Digital Report Cards with Hawk Logix School management System

In past, the report cards were delivered to home address in printed form. Hawk Logix entirely


Manage transcripts through hawk logic School management System

A transcript is not just a piece of paper telling your grading profile history. It is your asset

Home work Planning

Homework is a daily activity, purposes to flourish the students and set them

towards right direction. Students can easily do it and fraction after fraction, it leads to complete

Scheduling Simplified
Lesson Planing

Lesson planning is the integral part to set a routine towards completion of goal.

Hawk Logix has its school management system including Lesson Planning Portal matching the needs of

Employe Attendance

Every organization keeps record about its employee’s attendance. It is foremost

factor to analyze various subjective and objective factors like punctuality and personality. The old

Fee Tracking & Online Payments
Fee Tracking & Online Payments

It is a very hectic job to handle a lot of financial slips. Hawk Logix school

management system once again caters with the need and present Free Tracking system. It is really easy to keep your fee

Email, Text and Voice Messaging
Student Behavior

There are qualitative and quantitative judgments. Behavior is calculated not through

stats, but through the routine actions and a set of principles. Hawk Logix school

Parent Teacher Discussion
Parent Teacher Discussion

Parent Teacher Discussion-A perfect for one to one conversation

Hawk Logix introduces Parent Teacher discussion portal, a perfect platform for one to

Mobile App
Mobile App

We all are surrounded by the modernization and advancement. There is nothing

impossible now. People want more and more convenience and handy tools to manage

Staff Evaluation
Staff Evaluation

Evaluation is an objective judgment depends on the qualitative and quantitative

factors. In school Systems teachers’ evaluation also holds importance because

Award Offer
Award Offers

Hurry up! Don't miss chance to win an iPad with Hawk logix

The technology has entirely changed the whole world. It is now involved in everything

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