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Hawk Revenue Group


Messsage from the CEO 


Hawk Revenue Group is a medical billing company managing all aspects of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for healthcare providers. We provide personalized service to physician offices, clinics, multi-specialty practices, and group practices among other healthcare organizations. As one of the leading medical billing companies, our goal is to streamline everything from scheduling, insurance verification, authorizations, and coding, to medical billing and collections to help run healthcare organizations more efficiently.

Undertaking day-to-day billing management, we ensure that our expert staff receive and treat patient payments in the most efficient and respectful manner. This suggests a better cash flow, decreased levels of bad debt and keeps financials apart from the clinical relationship between patient and doctor. We manage thousands of invoices each month at Hawk Revenue Group, which in turn go to all insurance agencies, hospitals, embassies, groups, clinics, and directly to patients.


Muhammad Masud MD.

Our Mission


Billing is the financial pulse to your facility. Our goal is for your facility to grow in revenue, by accurately coding your services and billing in a timely manner. Our success is based on how well you do. We aggressively seek a return on your behalf.

Our Vision


Creating long-term relationships with our clients, by ensuring that quality of service never dwindles. Offering financial consulting to providers in trouble, so that you can continue to do what you’re best at: caring for our community.


Our Core Values


  1.  Transparency
  2.  Accuracy
  3.  Timely Filing
  4.  Personalized Account Management
  5.  Accessibility



Medical Billing Process

  1. Insurance Eligibility Verification
  2. Patient Demographics Entry
  3. ICD-10, CPT & HCPCS Coding
  4. Charge Posting
  5. Claims Submission (Electronic & Paper Billing)
  6. Payment Posting
  7. A/R Follow-up Denial Management & Appeals
  8. Patient Statement
  9. Reporting
  10. Patient Scheduling

Reasons to Choose Hawk Revenue Group

ICD-10 Experts

Our medical coders are proficient in the latest coding guidelines, whether it is the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) or the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10-CM) coding system. Most of the claims undergo denials due to wrong codes.

Accurate Coding

When most of the coders make the mistake of under coding, over coding, and assigning an outdated code, our medical coding specialists rarely make such mistakes. The professional staff keeps abreast with CMS updates all the time.

Experienced Staff

Our staff consists of experienced medical billers apart when it comes to the creation of claims, clearinghouse acceptance, and, eventually, reimbursement. Part of this natural ability comes from years of experience as a billing company, helping us collect more.

Value-Based Company

We expedite the entire billing process for a meaningful Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process. It results in stable finances for you to have the peace of mind to take care of your patients in the best manner. Let us come up with a cost-effective billing solution.

AR Management

It is one of our primary goals as a medical billing outsourcing company to extract payments out of all the bills resulting in minimum accounts receivable.

HIPPA Security Assessment

Under the shadow of HIPAA compliance, we are a dutiful business associate. It is to follow the law in letter and spirit before anything else.

Timely Reporting

We keep you in the loop regardless of the complexities of the process. Our clients are well aware of their billing status through reports promptly.

Our Services

Eligibility Verification


In their health policies, insurance providers periodically make policy adjustments and improvements. Therefore, to get full reimbursement, it is necessary for the medical billing company or the provider to check whether the patient is protected by the new plan. Confirming the insurance coverage makes it easier for the claim to be approved on the first request.



Credentialing is the method of checking the credentials of a physician to ensure that they can provide patients with treatment. This procedure is mandated by most health insurance providers, including CMS/Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Plans, as well as hospitals and surgery centers. The process of credentialing is completed by checking all the records of a supplier to ensure that they are legitimate and current.

Billing Data Processing


The Data Entry/Conversion process will allow you to keep your current system and allow HRG to transfer the data to our program for use. This data processing strategy will help you to retain simple control and to do the highest quality work with HRG.

Optimum Reimbursements


All client patient data is checked by HRG's reimbursement specialists. Billing uploads and lots are balanced, and our program for the process of medical claims is used to 'scrub' claims for mistakes and omissions. Thousands of tests, including CPT/ICD-10 validations, modifier checks, demographic comparisons, and payer-specific edits, are carried out by Hawk Revenue Group's program.

EDI Claims Submission


The claims review mechanism ensures that billing data from practice is properly obtained and that claims are clean before they are submitted for payment. Clean claims dramatically raise the payout rate, helping to optimize the amount collected and minimize receivable accounts. They are not transmitted until the claims are checked and audited.

Payments Posting


Claims are granted an additional standard by our clearinghouse after submission. Both payments will be submitted to the practice location directly. Registration with insurance firms to get paid through EFT is recommended. If you choose, Optimal would register your practice. When the invoice is made, our most professional and committed workers review and post it into our system.

Audits / Assurance Services


Every year, medical practices lose millions of dollars because of poor coding and billing practices. Such mistakes may lead to dismissed allegations or possible litigation. In the current medical record documentation and coding systems, HRG’s medical code auditing is intended to identify and explain existing gaps, verify the consistency of the coding, and create a standard for documentation and accuracy of coding.

Our Specialties



Foot Surgery




Infectious Diseases

Internal Medicine



Obesity & Infertility


Internal Medicine







Vascular Surgery

Wound Care


Plastic Surgery

Our Teams

Credentialing Team

This team is responsible for negotiating the processing of provider enrollment with Hospitals and Insurance Companies.

Billing Team

It is the responsibility of the staff associated with the billing department to enter the demographics and charges stated by the doctor for the patient. Billing services for workplace, in-patient and out-patient clinics, assisted living facilities, nursing facilities, home health, hospice, and sleep research are offered.

Coordinator Team

From the doctor's office and hospital, this department manages all problems. In CPT Coding, diagnostic coding, insurance, medical records, health care and provider relations, all coordinators are eligible.

Submission & Tracking

This team is responsible for submitting claims through computerized processing, via clearing house, for all our providers. Both our office and the clearing house track the claim to facilitate faster processing. This process allows us to receive payments usually within 30 days.


Our in-house auditors bear the responsibility for auditing the filed claims.

Payment Processor

At the end of this process, our payment processing team post payments from all insurance companies and patients. The staff associated with this team are also responsible for preparing monthly and closing reports.

Data Management

This department properly stores all data. By having a dedicated data management department, this insures easy access for all reports and correspondence.

Technical Support

We have an in-house technical support team for all computer hardware and software issues that maintains computers for quality and reliable work. Technical support is qualified in information technology to provide physicians access to the system and to their reports.


"Hawk Revenue Group’s billers are highly knowledgeable and very pleasant. I highly recommend them. They have done a fantastic job for us. I strongly recommend Hawk Revenue Group to anyone who wants to enjoy excellent customer service and more revenue!"


John Smith

Director of Operation

"I own several FSEDs. Switching to Hawk Revenue Group has been my best business decision yet. After having trouble with previous billing companies and poor collections, I switched to Hawk Revenue Group and I couldn't be happier. Coding is consistent and accurate, I receive important feedback about my documentation, and most importantly they make sure my claims get paid! Ownership is responsive and informative. A+!"

Will Beck

Emergency Physician