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Game Development

Pillars of Making A 5X5 VR Multiplayer Hero Shooter Game and a Strong Community – The Journey of X8

In the exciting world of game development, the creation of a 5X5 VR Multiplayer Hero Shooter game represents a unique challenge. At Hawk Logix, we have undertaken this journey with our flagship project – X8. This venture has offered us invaluable insights into creating not just a game, but also an engaged community around it.

The Similarities and Differences

Creating a 5v5 VR Multiplayer Hero Shooter game shares many elements with its console or PC counterparts. The goal remains to make the game fun, design captivating heroes with mix-matched special abilities, and foster a vibrant community of players.

However, the VR landscape presents its own unique challenges. It demands a keen focus on quality and a dedicated effort towards community building. These become the pillars on which the game stands or falls.

Quality and Community Building

From the outset, our team at Hawk Logix understood that X8’s success hinged on cultivating a thriving community of players. We aimed to create an environment where players could connect, compete, and grow together. This meant providing them with regular updates, listening to their feedback, and continually improving the game based on their experiences.

Quality was another non-negotiable aspect. We strived to ensure that every element of X8, from its graphics to its gameplay mechanics, met the highest standards. We recognized that in the competitive world of VR gaming, only the best would suffice.

The Subtle Game Design Differences in VR

When it comes to game development, designing a 5×5 VR shooter versus a 5×5 console shooter game has many parallels. But VR design is delicate. Even minor design elements can spell the difference between a fun experience and a game that’s barely playable.

For instance, movement in VR is a critical aspect that can significantly impact the player experience. Too much movement can lead to motion sickness, while too little can limit immersion. Striking the right balance was crucial in our journey of developing X8.

In addition, the physicality of VR meant that we had to think about how players interact with the game environment. This included considering aspects like the size of objects, the distance between them, and how they can be manipulated by players.


The journey of creating X8 has been a thrilling ride, filled with challenges, learnings, and triumphs. It has taught us that creating a 5X5 VR Multiplayer Hero Shooter game is as much about building a game as it is about fostering a community.

At Hawk Logix, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in VR gaming. We believe that with a focus on quality, community building, and a nuanced understanding of VR design principles, we can create games that are not just fun to play but also foster a sense of belonging among players.

In the end, it’s not just about the game; it’s about the shared experiences, the camaraderie, and the memories that players create while playing the game. And that’s what makes the journey worthwhile.

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