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Our VR Vision Technology is 5X Sharper Than Human Eyes

Screen patient’s eyesight before surgery

3D Health Monitoring at Any Angle

Hawk VR Vision is poised to revolutionise the way healthcare professionals’ approach visual field testing. Our expanded features and functionalities are designed to enable fast-screening of glaucoma, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and diseases of the retina. Before our user-friendly VR Vision applications, it has never been easier to identify blind spots and assess visual impairments.

We Sell Benefits Not Features

Why is Hawk Vision Worth Trying?

Experience the groundbreaking VR Vision applications that revolutionise the healthcare industry. Our commitment to providing in-depth, user-friendly, and medically relevant solutions empowers healthcare professionals worldwide to enhance their diagnostic capabilities. With the ability to diagnose healthcare diseases of the retina, our VR Vision applications pave the way for more efficient and effective visual field testing.

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Customised VR Applications Winning Expectations

Hawk Vision Push the Traditional VR Boundaries

When implemented correctly and used under appropriate supervision, VR technology is generally considered safe for use in healthcare. However, like any medical intervention, it's essential to follow best practices for patient safety, ensure proper hygiene protocols for VR equipment, and monitor patients for any adverse reactions or discomfort during VR experiences.

VR technology can be beneficial for a wide range of medical conditions and treatments, including physical rehabilitation following injuries or surgeries, chronic pain management, anxiety and phobia treatment, cognitive rehabilitation for stroke or traumatic brain injury patients, distraction therapy during medical procedures, and more.

The accessibility of VR technology in healthcare settings depends on factors such as cost, availability of specialised equipment and software, healthcare provider expertise, and integration with existing medical systems. While VR technology is becoming more widespread in healthcare, its adoption may vary across different healthcare facilities and specialties.

Some limitations and challenges associated with VR technology in healthcare include cost barriers, technical complexities in setup and maintenance, concerns about patient acceptance and comfort, potential side effects such as motion sickness, and the need for further research to establish the long-term efficacy and safety of VR interventions.